You have completed your audit of Tinga Tinga Ltd. You have issued a management letter to the Chief Accountant which identifies weaknesses in the controls over sales. Cash is received over the counter, from salesmen and also through the post. Tinga Tinga Ltd‘s Chief Accountant has asked you for recommendations as to the type of controls you would wish to see in operation in a sales system.Required: Outline the controls you would expect to find in Tinga Tinga Ltd‘s sales system with regard to: Cash sales within Tinga Tinga Ltd‘s premises

Cash sales within the premises

  •  An appropriate method of recording all the cash sales should be put in place. For example, the company cash install cash registers or use of cash receipts to record all the cash sales;
  •  The company should employ trust worthy cashiers who should under go proper training in their duties;
  •  On a daily basis the physical cash should be reconciled to the expected cash as per the cash register report. Any variances should be investigated and resolved;
  •  Cash collected should be kept in a safe and banked intact preferably on a daily basis;
  •  There should be adequate physical security measures such as the use of closed circuit TV cameras (CCTV) and engaging security guards

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