Absenteeism and low morale are apparent in the accounting department of XYZ Limited, in which you are employed. Your superior knows that you are a student and have heard of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Theory. However, your superior is also aware that, although the theory has some relevance to motivational techniques, it has substantial limitations. Required;List the shortcomings of using this theory as a motivational tool

The shortcomings of using Maslow’s Theory as a motivational tool.

It is very easy to become confused in distinguishing what a person wants and what a person needs. The very simplicity of need theories of motivation, which makes them initially attractive, may also be their greatest weakness. Motivation is a complex process and needs are only one component of that process. Apart from being simplistic in its approach, there are other weaknesses associated with the theory. These include:

i. A major criticism of the idea is that not all these needs are, or can be, satisfied through work.

ii. The theory cannot accommodate an individual seeking to satisfy several needs t the same time.
iii. The theory does not recognize the demands of the organizational situation. As a consequence of their product, service, structure, technology or environment, some organizations do not provide a suitable environment for self-actualization.
iv. The same need can cause different reactions in different people.
v. Many people settle for less than reaching the ultimate.
vi. People have different needs that may not be in the same order.
vii. If the theory is accepted wholly, it can mislead management in its desire to motivate staff.
viii. Job satisfaction does not lead to or equal improved work performance.
ix. The theory ignores the role of others in the work place and therefore the modern concepts of teams.

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