All organisations need to recruit new employees. An important step in the process is the selection interview. Required: Explain the advantages and the disadvantages of: the interview by one person defined as the face to face interview; the interview with many people defined as the panel interview

(i) The face to face interview is the most common form of interview. In this situation the candidate is interviewed by a single representative of the employing organisation. The advantages of such interviews are that they establish an understanding between the participants, are very cost effective for the organisation (as compared with panel interviews) and, because of the more personal nature, ensure that candidates feel comfortable.
The disadvantages however are that the selection relies on the views and impression of a single interviewer which can be both subjective and biased. In addition, the interviewer may be selective in questioning and it is easier for the candidate to hide weaknesses or lack of ability.
(ii) Panel interviews are often used for senior appointments and consist of two or more interviewers.
The advantages of such interviews are that they allow opinion and views to be shared amongst the panel. They have the authority to reach immediate decisions and provide a more complete picture, hence the problems or any bias inherent in face to face interviews can be removed.
The disadvantages however are that they can be difficult to control. Interviewers may deviate or ask irrelevant questions and they can be easily dominated by a strong personality who is able unduly to influence others. In addition, such interviews can often result in disagreement amongst the panel members.

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