Fundamentals of Tourism notes KNEC

  TOPIC Introduction to Tourism Definition of terms Typology of travellers Types of tourists Classification of visitors & travellers International Domestic Residential Transient MICE Classification of Tourists – in terms of: Origin Distance Destination Interests/motivation Spending levels Age Forms of tourism- In terms of: Environmental impacts Interest Origin & distance Types of tours Escorted/Guided Independent

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KNEC Diploma course and unit codes

Diploma in business management Course code: 2906 Module I 102- Financial accounting 103- Information communication technology paper 104- Communication skills 105- Economics 106- Business law 108- Entrepreneurship – business plan Module II 201- Office administration and management 202- Marketing management 203- Supply and transport management 204- Quantitative techniques 205- Commercial and administrative law 206- Cost

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Retailing and wholesaling – Principles of Marketing


Retailing and wholesaling Retailing includes all the activities involved in selling goods or services directly to final consumer for their personal, non-business use. Retailers are businesses whose sales come primarily from retailing. Retailing connects brands to consumers in the final steps (“last mile” of buying process). Shopper marketing means using in-store promotions and advertising to

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Marketing channels – Principles of Marketing

marketing channels

Marketing channels In order to produce a product, relationships with others in the supply chain are necessary. The term demand chain might be better, because it suggests a sense-and-respond view of the market. A value delivery network is composed of the company, suppliers, distributors and ultimately the customers, who partner with each other to improve

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What is Supply Chain Management?

what is supply chain management

What is Supply Chain Management? Supply is providing goods and services to the final users when these are required and afforded by them with an acceptable quality, competitive price, at an accessible location. To achieve these objectives of supplying, the businesses have to perform several interconnected steps in a particular order. All these interrelated operations

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