Craft Certificate in Secretarial Studies Past Papers

Get free access to KNEC Certificate in Secretarial Studies Past Papers. These question Papers are for the previous years and have been uploaded as a PDF file to help those candidates revising for their final exams. They can also be used by other students pursuing related Diploma and certificate courses. Click on the subject title to open and view for free

Module I

Module II

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    1. Please send me past papers of theory ICT ii,sec duties,op ii, commerce ii and comm skills ii

      1. Hello hi, if you happen to get one please share with me. I’m your colleague doing diploma in computerized secretarial studies

      1. Hello kindly help me with F.A ,commerce, office procedure,ICT,CDP and shorthand past papers module 1

      1. Please assist me with stage 2 commerce, communication skills, ict and office procedure past papers

    1. Kindly can someone sent me past papers ICT module 2 craft in secretarial studies practicals

  1. Help me with neck question for secretarial certificate from the year 2015 both August and December exams

      1. Kindly assist me with past papers of SD and shorthand in the 1module

  2. kindly can you assist me with ict modual one in certificate in secretarial studies

  3. kindly send me KNEC past papers especially for craft in secretarial studies module ii

      1. Please assist me with past papers Craft Certificate in ICT and communication skills module 2.

          1. Hi pls help me with past papers module one in Secretarial studies

  4. Site quite amazing please assist me with KNEC past papers for both communication skills, and information communication technology module II in secretarial studies, Thank you.

  5. site is quite amazing please help me with knec past papers for ICT modull II secretarial studies and also communication skillls

  6. please help me with notes and past papers for office administration management and commerce 11 for secretarial

      1. Requesting for past knec papers kindly looking forward for your positive response

    1. Hello am asking for the knec past papers for secretarial duties ,commerce and shorthand


  8. I would be glad to have the KNEC past papers module II and III. Am hereby waiting for your assistance soon.

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