Certificate Past Papers


You can now access College Craft Certificate Past Papers for courses offered by Kenya National Examination Council – KNEC here. These are past papers in PDF form. Click on the course titles below to open

  1. Craft Certificate in Accountancy Past Papers
  2. Craft certificate in Automotive Engineering
  3. Craft Certificate in Baking Technology Past Papers
  4. Craft Certificate in Banking Finance Past Papers
  5. Craft Certificate in Building Technology
  6. Craft Certificate in Business Administration Past Papers
  7. Craft Certificate in Business Management Past Papers
  8. Craft Certificate in Catering and Accommodation Past Papers
  9. Craft Certificate in Clerical Operations/Duties Past Papers
  10. Craft Certificate in Co-operative Management Past Papers
  11. Craft Certificate in Early Childhood Development and Education (ECDE) Past Papers – Certificate Proficiency Education
  12. Craft Certificate in Electrical and Electronic Technology Past Papers
  13. Craft Certificate in Food and Beverage Production and service Past Papers
  14. Craft Certificate in Disaster Management Past Papers
  15. Craft Certificate in Human Resource Management Past Papers
  16. Craft Certificate in Information Communication Technology Past Papers
  17. Craft Certificate in Information Studies Past Papers
  18. Craft Certificate in Investment Management Past Papers
  19. Craft Certificate in Library Archives Information Studies Past Papers
  20. Craft Certificate in Maritime Transport Operations/Logistics
  21. Craft Certificate in Marketing Past Papers
  22. Craft Certificate in Mechanical Engineering Past Papers
  23. Craft Certificate in Personnel Management Past Papers
  24. Craft Certificate in Petroleum Management Past Papers
  25. Craft Certificate in Project Management (CPM) Past Papers
  26. Craft Certificate in Road Transport Management Past Papers
  27. Craft Certificate in Sales and Marketing Past Papers
  28. Craft Certificate in Secretarial Studies Past Papers
  29. Craft Certificate in Supply Chain Management Past Papers
  30. Craft Certificate in Tour Guiding and Travel Operations Past Papers
  31. Craft Certificate in Tour Guiding Management Past Papers
  32. Craft Certificate in Tour Operation Past Papers
  33. Craft Certificate in Tourism Management Past Papers
  34. Craft Certificate in Transport Management Past Papers
  35. Craft Certificate in Welding and Fabrication Past Papers

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  1. Please am requesting for past paper certificate in fashion design and garment making

    1. Please am requesting for knec past papers for module 2 In Craft level , that’s communication skills and garment making, garment cutting and pattern drafting

    1. May you assist me with past papers for certificate in
      science laboratory technology module 2

      1. Assist me with past papers in craft certificate in social work and community development

      2. Please send me KNEC past papers in social work and community development craft

        1. Please i need past papers and revision books for certificate in general agriculture

  2. Kindly how can I get knec past papers for fashion design and Garment Making Technology

        1. kindly assist me with certificate in catering and accommodation past papers model 1

          1. Kindly assist with biology module 1 in cert science laboratory techniques

        2. Assist me with Craft certificate in science labaratory technology kneck past papers

          1. Please send me for chemistry techniques 2,physics techniques 2 and biology techniques 2,communication skills 2 and science laboratory 2 in certificate of science lab technology

          1. Please help me with past kneck exam for laboratory science technology model 1

    1. Please assists me to find past papers of Certificate in Nutrition and Dietetics

  3. please help me with past papers for module one craft certificate in electrical engineering

      1. Please how can I get knec past papers for certificate in nutrition and dietetics?

  4. Am not finding any past papers conserving water technology (water engeneering) help me with find the past papers

    1. Kindly i need knec past papers for craft certificate electrical engineering module 2

      1. Humply request KNEC past papers for certificate in electrical engineering module one.
        Thanks in advance me/miss admin

      2. I want to get Artisan in Automotive Engineering past papers but am unable to get them kindly help

      1. Please help me find knec revision past papers in craft certificate in general agriculture

    1. Please help with past papers in general agriculture ie animal production, crop, home economics etc

      1. Why are there no certificate ecde past papers kindly look up on that cause mostly I see crafts

        1. Please help me to get past papers for certificate in nutrition and dietetics module one

    1. Please help me to get knec past papers for certificate in nutrition and dietetics module one

  5. hello ,,please help me with past papers module 1 certificate in nutrition and dietetics

      1. Hello please,, assist me with knec past papers of certificate in science laboratory technology,,TEP

  6. hello.please send me knec revision past papers for certificate in food processing and preservation technology from 2007-2018.thank you

    1. Please send me notes and past papers of diploma in community development and social work

    2. In need of past papers for math module 2 and electrical principles, electronics module 2 craft certificate please via email

  7. plz I need knec past paper for certificate in social work and community development

    1. plz hell me to pass my automotive engineering certificate…plz help to trace most repeated KNEC question

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    1. Hi how can I get past papers for single and group secretarial studies ict, commerce and office procedures 1

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