Child Health, Nutrition, Guidance and Counselling December 2015 Past Question Paper

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December 2015
Time: 21/2 hours



This question paper consists of TWO sections; A and B.
Answer ALL questions in section A and FOUR questions in section B.
Answers to both sections A and B must be written in the spaces provided in this booklet.
Candidates should answer the questions in English.

SECTION A (40 marks)
Answer ALL the questions in this section.
1. a) i) Give the meaning of the term confinement, in relation to maternal care.(2 marks)
ii) List any four discomforts a mother may experience during pregnancy.(2 marks)

b) Give three purposes of family planning.(3 marks)
c) Highlight three factors that may necessitate a pregnant mother to seek the help of a Traditional Birth Attendant (TBA).(3 marks)

2. a) State two advantages of using Antiretroviral drugs in HIV management.(2 marks)
b) state four factors to consider in order to preserve nutrients when preparing vegetables.(4 marks)
c) Highlight four ways of maintaining good health of a child at an ECDE Centre.(4 marks)

3. a) State the uses of three improvised items of a First Aid kit in an ECDE centre.(3 marks)
b) State four measures a teacher may take to prevent the spread of respiratory tract infection among children in an ECDE centre.(4 marks)
c) Identify three factors that influence growth in children.(3 marks)

4. a) Define the term client as used in counseling.(1 mark)
b) State four characteristics of congruence as a quality of a good counselor.(4 marks)
c) Give five factors that may cause examination fever.(5 marks)

SECTION B (60 marks)
Answer FOUR QUESTIONS from this section.
5. a) Outline seven categories of people who should seek VCT services.(7 marks)
b) Highlight four social factors that put women at risk of contracting HIV.(4 marks)
c) Explain two relationships between STIs and AIDs.(4 marks)

6. a) i) State four symptoms of diarrhea and vomiting among children.(4 marks)
ii) Identify three ways of preventing diarrhea and vomiting among children.(3 marks)
b) Describe the procedure for treating a child who has been stung by a bee.(8 marks)

7. a) State two strategies that can be used to promote community health.(2 marks)
b) Give five reasons why counseling and testing for HIV and AIDs is important.(5 marks)
c) Explain four different ways through which poisoning may occur to a child at home.(8 marks)

8. a) Outline six factors that may affect normal development of a foetus.(6 marks)
b) Identify five methods of modern food preservation that can be used in the home.(5 marks)
c) State four ways of ensuring good hygiene when preparing food in the Kitchen at an ECDE centre.(4 marks)

9. a) i) Explain the meaning of educational guidance.(2 marks)
ii) Identify four advantages of educational guidance.(4 marks)
b) i) Define substance abuse.(2 marks)
ii) Give three reasons why the youth use drugs.(3 marks)
c) State four issues a counselor would assist a client to establish during the exploration stage of counseling.(4 marks)

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