CIPS Level 2: Certificate in Procurement & Supply Operations – New Syllabus

Level 2 – Certificate in Procurement & Supply Operations – New Syllabus

Who Should Consider This Level

  • Administrative Assistant
  • Procurement Assistant/Apprentices
  • Contracts Administrator
  • Stock Controller
  • Merchandiser
  • People new to the business environment (18-21 year olds)

Courses Contents & Units

Five CORE modules make up the required 18 credits are L2M1, L2M2, L2M3, L2M4, L2M5.
You are required to complete 18 credits to achieve this qualification.

What are credits?
Credits are a way of quantifying the number of study hours needed to complete a qualification.
1 credit is equivalent to 10 hours of study. Each module is given a credit value of 3 or 6 credits.

So what is covered in each of the new modules?
L2M1: Introducing Procurement & Supply: Understand the role of procurement & supply in organisations.  Identify common procurement terms and understand the impact of procurement & supply.  Learn the “Five Rights” of procurement & supply, the stages of the sourcing process, administration processes and ethical responsibilities.

Click here to access L2M1- Introducing Procurement and Supply module syllabus content

L2M2: Procurement & Supply Operations: Understand the types of organisation, how they operate and contractual agreements.  Identify sources of information on suppliers and learn pricing techniques.

Click here to access L2M2: Procurement & Supply Operations module syllabus content

L2M3: Stakeholder Relationships: Know who the stakeholders are n procurement & supply, and other internal & external stakeholders.  Identify the key market factors which impact the function and the techniques associated with effective stakeholder communication.  Learn approaches to conflict resolution.

Click here to access L2M3: Stakeholder Relationships module syllabus content

L2M4: Systems Technology: Understand the use of systems technology and how they contribute to procurement & supply (ie: e-sourcing, e-tendering).  Types of system for supplier selection ordering & payment.  Know why quality management is important.

Click here to access L2M4: Systems Technology module syllabus content

L2M5: Inventory, Logistics & Expediting: Learn the key elements for inventory control.  Understand the principles & processes associated with effective logistics control.  Lear how effective expediting can be achieved.

Click here to access L2M5: Inventory, Logistics & Expediting module syllabus content

You must complete all FIVE CORE MODULES

Entry Requirements

None – you don’t need any prior experience or qualifications to start your studies at this stage.

Unit Examinations

Each exam is 60 multiple choice questions which need to be answered in 90 minutes.

  1. All students have to join CIPS as a Student Member (£187) and also book their exams direct with CIPS. Membership & exam fees are paid directly to CIPS by the student.

Joining a CIPS qualification programme means you will join the largest Institute in the world for those working in procurement and supply. You can join as a member online or by downloading a membership form.

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