CIPS Level 4: Diploma in Procurement & Supply – New Syllabus 2019

Level 4 – Diploma in Procurement & Supply – New Syllabus 2019

Who Should Consider This Level?

  • Buyer / Senior Buyer / Chief Buyer
  • Procurement Officer/Executive
  • Category Manager/Contract Manager/Sourcing Manager
  • Supply Chain Analyst/Executive
  • Purchasing Executive/Purchasing Manager
  • Supply Chain Manager/Logistics Manager
  • Commercial/Supply Chain Director/Head of Procurement

Courses Contents & Units

The Diploma course comprises 8 Core Modules, which are delivered using a blend of group interaction, case studies and role plays.  We have clear objectives to ensure students are able to relate the learning to workplace situations and then deploy the best practice techniques in their job role.

CORE MODULES (Complete all 8 core modules)

L4M1 Scope & Influence of Procurement & Supply
Understand added value strategies that can be achieved through procurement and supply. Understand the key steps when procuring goods & services. Analyse the key aspects of organisational infrastructure which shape the scope of procurement. The need for compliance when undertaking procurement activities.

Click here to access L4M1 Scope & Influence of Procurement & Supply module syllabus content

L4M2 Defining Business Need
Understand how to devise a business case when sourcing. Understand market management in procurement & supply. The use of specifications in procurement & supply

Click here to access L4M2 Defining Business Need module syllabus content

L4M3 Commercial Contracting
Understand the legal issues that relate to the formation of contracts. Specifications and key performance indicators that are included in contracts and key clauses when contracting with suppliers.

Click here to access L4M3 Commercial Contracting Module syllabus content

L4M4 Ethical and Responsible Sourcing
Options for sourcing from suppliers. Sourcing processes and the analysis of potential external suppliers. Compliance issues when sourcing and understanding ethical & responsible sourcing.

Click here to access L4M4 Ethical and Responsible Sourcing Module syllabus content

L4M5 Commercial Negotiation
Key approaches and strategies in the negotiation of commercial agreements with suppliers. How to prepare for negotiations, stages of negotiation and how commercial negotiations should be undertaken.

Click here to access L4M5 Commercial Negotiation Module syllabus content

L4M6 Supplier Relationships
Understand the dynamics of relationships in supply chains and when to partner. Processes and procedures for successful working with stakeholders. The concept of partnering.

Click here to access L4M6 Supplier Relationships Module syllabus content

L4M7 Whole Life Asset Management
Methods for the storage and movement of inventory (stock). The key elements of inventory control and the concept of through life cost

Click here to access L4M7 Whole Life Asset Management Module syllabus content

L4M8 Procurement & Supply in Practice
Students have to demonstrate the application of the procurement cycle. Demonstrate the application of the key stages of the sourcing process, the application of whole life asset management and the application of ethical and responsible sourcing in the organisation.

Click here to access L4M8 Procurement & Supply in Practice Module syllabus content

Entry Requirements

Candidates should have at least 2 years experience in an operational or managerial procurement role, or in a purchasing, supply chain or commercial environment.

Alternatively, you should have degree or have successfully completed the Level 2 Certificate & Level 3 Advanced Certificate in Procurement & Supply.

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