Computer Applications II July 2016 Past Paper – KNEC Diploma

Computer Applications II July 2016 Past Examination Question Paper – KNEC

This Past Paper examination was examined by the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) and it applies to the following courses

  • Diploma in Information Communication Technology – Module II

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2 hours

1. A CAD student was advised to combine a collection of objects into a block of entity. Outline four benefits that the student would achieve from this advice. (4 marks)
JMZ is a garment shop dealing with T shirts. The shop made the following transactions:
1/2/2014 purchased 200 units each at Ksh. 1000 3/2/2014 purchased 150 units each at Ksh. 900 5/2/2014 purchased 225 units each at Ksh. 1200
(i)            Determine the average cost of inventory (3            marks)
(ii)           If on 7/2/2014 the company sold 250 units using the FIFO strategy, determine:

  1. the cost of goods that the company sold (2 marks)
  2. the cost of ending inventory. (2            marks)

Below are commands and successive values entered in an AutoCAD program.
LINE Specify next point or [Undo]:             0,0
LINE Specify next point or [Undo]:             6,0
LINE Specify next point or [Undo]:             6,-3
LINE Specify next point or [Undo]:             10, -3
LINE Specify next point or [Undo]:             10,2
LINE Specify next point or [Undo]:             6,2
LINE Specify next point or [Undo]:             6,6
LINE Specify next point or [Undo ]:            0,6
LINE Specify next point or [Undo]:             close
Sketch the resultant drawing.
State three examples of each of the following balance sheet accounts:
(i)            assets
(ii)           liabilities.
(i)            Explain the function of an invoice as used in business transactions.
(ii)           Outline two circumstances under which a credit note is issued in business. (2 marks)
Jane, a CAD student intends to draw a polygon. Explain two ways in which she could trigger a command so that the program prompts on the number of sides to enter. (4 marks)
A new architectural company has opted to use a CAD program the design buildings. State four benefits that the company will reap from this approach.    (4 marks)
Define each of the following terms as used in accounting:
(i)            Carrying Value    (1 mark)
(ii)           Revenue.             (1 mark)

  1. Management of Kitungu Company was reluctant in embracing computerised accounting system. Outline four reasons that may be informing their decision. (4 marks)

An Engineer intends to create geometric block in a CAD program. Outline three methods in which he can specify the locations of points in the program. (6 marks)

  1. Explain two challenges of using robotic machinery in the manufacturing industry.

(4 marks)

Outline each of the following type of Geographical Information System (GTS):

  1. b) 0) Four-dimensional GTS (1 mark)

(ii)           Multimedia/Hypermedia GIS         (1 mark)

(iii)          Virtual Reality GIS.           (1 mark)

  1. c) Distinguish between knowledge base and inference engine components of an expert system as used in artificial Intelligence. (4 marks)

Distinguish between periodic inventory and physical inventory as used in stock control. (4 marks)

  • List four examples of computerised accounting software. (2 marks)
  • A new company intend to acquire computerised accounting software. State four

factors that the Finance and ICT Departments will consider when selecting the software.      (4 marks)
Describe three characteristics of an intelligent agent as used in artificial Intelligence.(6 marks)
A County Governor was advised to use of Geographical Information System. Outline three ways in which the County would use the system.                                                                 (3 marks)

  1. The following is a list of computer software. Identify the software that belongs to the CAD category. (3 mark)

Auto-CAD, Picasa, IDEAS, CAT!A, GIMP Fluent, CorelDraw, Transys, Adobe Photoshop, Hyper mesh
(c)           Distinguish between financial accounting and management accounting. (4 marks)
(d)          A GIS specialist intends to capture one aspect of geographical space in a GIS application. Explain three challenges that the specialist would experience by using raster data to model spatial data.      (6 marks)

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