Computer applications II July 2017 Past Paper – KNEC Diploma

Computer applications II July 2017 Past Examination Question Paper – KNEC

This Past Paper examination was examined by the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) and it applies to the following courses

  • Diploma in Information Communication Technology – Module II

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1 hour

1. Create a folder named KNECEXAM on the desktop.

2. Ensure that the KNECEXAM folder and all its content is .burnt onto the Rewritable CD provided at the end of the examination.

3. Open a CAD program and make the following settings as default:
(i) Units: millimetres; (A mark)
(ii) Precision: 0 decimal place. (lA mark)
Insert a layer with the following properties: (1 mark)
Layer name Edges
line weight 0.6 mm
(i) Draw figure 1 as it appears on the layer created in (b) using the indicated dimensions.

(IV/2 marks)

Trial balance as at 1st July, 2016 DR CR
(Ksh) (Ksh)
Capital 4,200,000
Creditors iKoga Manufacturers 486,500
Debtors: Muga Supermarkets 381,000
: Kalu University 484,000
Motor vehicle (Cost) 8,416,200
Security equipment(Cost) 2,435,612
Patrol Dogs 1,456,200
Office furniture (Cost) 203,500
Fixtures and fittings (Cost) 874,600
Bank loan (IFT Credit) 6,400,000
Cash in hand 346,700
Cash at Bank(IFT Credit) 3,511,312
14.597.812 14.597.812

(ii) Fully dimension the drawing. (5 marks)
Save the drawing as 3dgeometry in the KNECEXAM folder. (lA mark)
Print out later each of the following views of the drawing.
(i) The isometric view; (lA mark)
(ii) The front view. (XA mark)
Simba Services Ltd. of P.O. Box 2019-00800, Nairobi, is a security company hiring out guards, dogs and other security related services. Record the following financial details and transactions of the company using an appropriate accounting package, for the month of July 2016.

Credit Sales
July 10 Security Services to Kauka Estate worth Ksh 806,000.
July 24 Dog patrol services to Kamili Transporters worth Ksh 312,400.
July 31 Cash transfer services to Muga Supermarkets Ksh 256,200.

Cash Sales
July 13 Security Services Ksh 240,000 paid by cash.
July 29 Security consulting services Ksh 424,000 paid by cheque.
July 31 Alarm response services to Kauka Estate Ksh 208,000 paid by cheque.

Invoices Received
July 20 Received invoice of Ksh 146,200 for rent from Chukan House.
July 25 Telephone bill of Ksh 83,400 from Safcom Kenya.
July 30 Security equipment maintenance bill of Ksh 105,000 from Digital Sytems Ltd.

Cash Payments
July 24 Chukan House Ksh 146,200.
July 26 Salary advances Ksh 92,300.
July 26 Safcom Kenya Ksh 83,400.

Cheque Payments
July 20 Koga Manufacturers Ksh 486,500.
July 24 Uzuri Furniture for purchase of office furniture Ksh 35,600.

Cheques Received
July 17 Muga Supermarkets Ksh 400,000.
July 22 Kauka Estate Ksh 806,000.
July 25 Kalu University Ksh 200,000.

Generate and print the following reports for the specified dates.
(a) Trial balance as at 1st July 2016.
(b) Profit and loss account for the month of July 2016.
(c) Cash flow statement for the month of July 2016.

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