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Craft Certificate in Automotive Engineering Past Question Papers

Get free access to KNEC Certificate in Automotive Engineering Past Papers. These question Papers are for the previous years and have been uploaded as a PDF file to help those candidates revising for their final exams. They can also be used by other students pursuing related certificate and Diploma courses. Click on the subject title to open and view for free

Module I

Module II

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138 Replies to “Craft Certificate in Automotive Engineering – KNEC Certificates”

  1. How can I get vehicle technology bodywork technology and workshop technology past papers in craft certificate

  2. how can i get for technical drawing 2 for module two in automotive for certificate

    1. Can I have past papers of body work, workshop technology and vehicle technology please

      1. I request for vehicle body and vehicle technology ,and work shop practice past papers

        1. Plz I request for past papers under vehicle body work vehicle technology and work shop

          1. Hi,can I get certificate past papers

      1. Can I get vehicle technology ,workshop technology and vehicle body work past paoers

  3. I do request for vehicle technology, workshop technology, vehicles body work past few papers

      1. 2021 KNEC July craft certificate in automotive Engineering module 1
        Paper Vehicle Technology, Workshop Technology ande Vehicle Bodywork

    1. Help me with past papers of mathematics in automotive engineering module one in Craft level

      1. Please help me with past papers in electrical principles and applied science craft module 1

  4. Hello, I need ICT/ entrepreneurship past papers for craft certificate in automotive engineering module 1 from 2010 to 2020

    1. Hello,,I would like to request all revision materials concerning automotive engineering plz

      1. Hello help me with mathematics questions in automotive engineering module 1.and possible revision question in the topic above

    1. Kindly help me certificate past papers in mechanical production (option) engineering

  5. kindly share with me revision past papers for higher National Diploma in library & information science. module 1 level.

      1. I have requested for craft in automotive engi module 1 electrical principles and physical science knec past papers 2017 to 2020

  6. Can I get,,Mathematics,workshop organization,,Engine Tech,,communication skill,,TD,,(All modules II),,plz

  7. I do request for ; T.D ,AUTO ELECTRIC, ENGINE TECH, COMM SKILL and W.O,M module 2 certificate knec past papers

    1. Hi kindly may I know the important areas to be noted during the craft in Automotive engineering

    1. i just needed past papers for applied science and electrical principles module 1,
      that one will help me.

        1. I kind request for all past papers module 2 certificate in automotive engineering

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