Describe the possible audit reports that can be issued where the going concern status of a company is called into question; your answer should describe the circumstances in which they can be issued

Possible audit reports and circumstances

(i) Where the auditors consider that there is a significant level of concern about the entity‘s ability to continue as a going concern (but do not disagree with the going concern basis), and where adequate disclosures of the situation are made, they modify (but do not qualify) their opinion by including an ‗emphasis of matter‘ paragraph highlighting the existence of a material uncertainty as to the going concern status of the entity and drawing attention to the relevant note in the financial statements. Where adequate disclosures are not made, a qualified or adverse opinion will be issued.

(ii) Where the period to which directors have paid particular attention is less than 12 months from the balance sheet date, the auditors should consider the need to modify the audit report as a result of a limitation in the scope of the audit.

(iii) Where the auditors disagree with the preparation of the financial statements on the going concern basis, they should issue an adverse opinion. This is very rare because auditors rarely have sufficient evidence to be sure.

(iv) If the auditors are unable to form an opinion on the going concern status of a company because of a limitation in the scope of the audit, they will issue an ‗except for‘ opinion, or ‗disclaimer of‘ opinion – but this is unusual.

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