Discuss how organizations have been affected by computerization problems

Effects of computerization problems in an organization
• High displacement rates of employees at clerical and worker level.
• Loss of data due to e.g. black outs delay operations and affect decision making.
• Rapid changes in the use of computer languages and programmes make the cost of training and acquiring new packages expensive.
• Security problems with data e.g. viruses or intruders. These may cause huge losses to the organization.
• Computer virus and computer bugs may affect the use of computers resulting to distortion and disappearance of data.
• Resistance to change.
• IT leads to changes in organizational structure as it encourages a tendency towards decentralization of authority with its associated problem.
• Health problems may result from over use or poor use of the computer.
• Easy access of information by lower level workers may lead to potential loss of status and power by managers. Computers may therefore trigger emotional problems and stress to both managers and their subordinates

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