Discuss the contributions of scientific school of management to the study of work and its relevance to the management of organizations today

Scientific school of management
– It refers to the use of science to solve organizational problems
– It was developed by Fredrick Taylor
– He came up with four principles
(i) That a science of each element of work needs to be developed through work study
(ii) Scientific selection, training and development of staff
(iii) Specialisation, such that managers should do what they can do best and employees should carry out the tasks they can do best
(iv) The manager needs to cooperate with the employees so as to ensure that work is being done as described.
This thought looked at human beings as economic objects who were only interested in material gains.

Contributions and Relevance
(i) It introduced the concept of specialization which in turn promotes efficiency
(ii) The differential piece rate system introduced is still applicable today
(iii) The aspect of cooperation was also introduced which is necessary even in organizations today.

Its application is relevant in a rigid/static business environment such as a factory where a best way of doing a job can be identified.

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