Distinguish between:- Law and morality and National and international law

(i) Law may be described as an aggregate or conglomeration of rules or principles enforced by courts of law at a given time.
Rules of law are enforceable or binding i.e. demand compliance failing which there is a sanction.
Rules of law are certain and emanate from customary and religious practices.

Morality on the other hand is a sense of judgement between right and wrong by reference to certain standards developed by society over time. It consists of prescriptions of society. The society imposes sanctions. Morality is not enforceable.

(ii) National law: this is municipal or state law. It consists of all rules of law operational within the boundaries of a given country. It regulates the relations between the state and its citizens and the citizens inter se. It emanates from parliament as well as customary and religious practices.

International law: This is a body of rules, which regulates the relation between the states or countries and other international persons e.g. United Nations. International law is based on international agreements or conventions or treaties and customary practices of states.

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