“Examine the salient obligations of the banker and customer in a banker and customer relationship

Duties of the banker
• Reasonable care: must take reasonable care in his dealings with the customer. It is standard of care is that of a reasonably competent banker.
• Professional advise: a banker is bound to provide professional advise to the customer if called upon to do so.
• Honour cheques: must pay all cheques drawn by the customer provided all other conditions are met.
• Confidentiality: must not disclose his dealings with the customer to third parties.However, there are certain exceptions to this duty.
• Duty not to pay without authority: a banker must not pay out monies out of the customers account without his express or implied authority.

Duties of the customer:
• Duty of care: a customer is bound to exercise care when drawing cheques to avoid alteration.

• Notice of irregularities: must notify the banker of any irregularities affecting his account. Any delay may be amount to estoppel.

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