Explain the measures that management should take to improve the ethical behavior of employees


In light of his analysis, Saul Gellerman made several suggestions on how ethical behaviour could be improved. These include:
i. Provide clear guidelines for ethical behaviour.
ii. Teach ethical guidelines and their importance.
iii. In gray areas where there are questions about the ethics of an action refrain from it.
iv. Set up controls (for example, establish an auditing agency reporting to outside directors) that check on illegal or unethical deeds.
v. Conduct frequent and unpredictable (surprise) audits.
vi. Punish trespassers in a meaningful way, and make it public so that it may deter others.
vii. Emphasize regularly that loyalty to the company does not excuse improper behaviour of actions.
viii. Establish Code of Conduct/Rules and Regulations governing the actions and decisions of the staff in the organization
ix. The formation of ethics committee.
x. Ethics training programmes to be initiated
xi. Role modeling by the manager i.e. “Lead By Example”
xii. Social audit has to be conducted. Social audit entails ascertaining the contribution of the organization to the environment/society.
xiii. Establish offices for investigations.
xiv. The moral decisions should be built upon past decisions for fairness to be seen

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