Higher Diploma Past Papers


You can now access College Higher Diploma Past Papers for courses offered by Kenya National Examination Council – KNEC here. These are past papers in PDF form. Click on the course titles below to open

  1. Higher Diploma in Business Management past papers
  2. Higher Diploma in Electrical Engineering
  3. Higher Diploma in Entrepreneurship Development past papers
  4. Higher Diploma in Human Resource Management past papers
  5. Higher Diploma in Secretarial Management Past Papers
  6. Higher Diploma in Secretarial Studies past papers
  7. Higher Diploma in Archives and Records Management
  8. Higher Diploma in Library and Information Management Past Papers

Business Education Single and Group Certificate Examinations Past Papers

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36 Replies to “Higher Diploma Past Papers”

  1. KNEC past papers for Higher diploma in construction can not be found in your portal. pls let me know how i can access .

        1. Send me past papers of higher diploma in applied Chemistry (analytical) Can’t find them.

      1. Send me past paper For higher National diploma Automotive engineering Past papers

  2. Hi, could you help me find n download past papers for High diploma in agriculture

  3. please, i kindly request for higher diploma in secretarial studies past papers code 201 & 201 A
    thanking you in advance.

  4. could u please provide a link to download higher diploma highway engineering option 2016-2019

    1. Need past papers for HND in
      APPLIED BIOLOGY and CRAFT in Science laboratory Technology

  5. hello,please kindly help me with notes and revision kits for higher diploma in business management module 2.

    1. I am kindly requesting for building technology higher national diploma past papers

  6. Hi please help me with past papers for higher diploma in library and information management module 2
    1. Management and user services
    2. Publishing and book trade
    3. Strategic and financial management
    4. Consultancy and legals aspects of information

  7. I am look for past paper for civil and buildings engineering higher diploma but not in your portal please how can I access

  8. Plz help with higher diploma in applied biology..code 4084..both notes and past papers

  9. Pliz assist with previous past papers for higher diploma in entrepreneurship.

    1. Hi…plz help with higher diploma in applied biology..code 4084…both notes and knec past papers..will be greatfil

    1. Hello i am looking for paspers in higher diploma in building and construction technology.

  10. Could you please provide me with direct link to download all Civil engineering higher diploma past papers

    1. Hi, help me with knec past papers in clis module 1. 1.structured programming. 2. Computer application. 3. Library operation. 4.lct. 5.information resouse.

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