Identify and explain the behavioural attributes that a manager should possess in order to successfully perform his duties

All managers do not work in the same way even at the same level – some managers will prove more successful and effective than others. To be successful and effective managers must have the following characteristics:
i. Will to Manage– a good manager must have within himself the desire to become even a better manager. He must be willing to accept responsibility and have the confidence to be accountable for the work of others. Some people have low desire to manage for the following reasons:
– They lack confidence.
– Afraid of decision making.
– Fear responsibility/accountability.
– Are happy with current positions.
ii. Knowledge of Management Process – a manager should have an understanding of the management process and management functions. It’s important that candidates have some formal training and education in management.
iii. Intellectually capable – he should possess the necessary level of intelligence and ability to make logical decisions.
iv. Ability to command respect – a manager must be able to earn respect from his subordinates so that they are able to obey him, he must therefore be able to understand employees, be honest, fair and have a positive attitude. Respect from others cannot be forced and it’s only a manager who respects himself and others who will be able to earn respect.
v. Have good communication skills – must be able to express himself in a manner acceptable both to his superiors and subordinates. He must be able to make himself understood either orally or through writing. Ineffective communication leads to misunderstanding which results in mistakes.

vi. Integrity – managers act on behalf of the organization. They take care of the resources of the organization, if they wanted they could cheat, embezzle, falsify records, show favouritism, etc. They must have a high sense of what is right and what is wrong and practise it. Others in the organization look up to them and their mistakes are copied by others. They must conduct business and trade in a straight, ethical and acceptable manner.
vii. Loyalty – must show loyalty to the organization e.g. they should not do the same business or competing business. They must not sell company secrets and vital information to others for instance. Must always try and give a good image of the organization both within and without.
viii. Good Personality – a good personality will ensure that one is able to relate to others amicably. A good manager should be one ready to work with others and one who does not always insist on doing things his own way. He should also have a stable character – with few personal problems which might be a liability to the firm
e.g. alcoholism, drug addiction or domestic troubles.

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