Identify and explain the sources of managerial power

Position: This is legitimate power created and endowed by the organization. It is based on the perception that the leader has the right to exercise influence because of his position and roles.

Personality: The manager may be able to exert influence over his subordinates because of his charisma and reputation. The subordinates will appreciate his personality traits and respect him wanting to be identified with them as their manager.

Expertise: A manager may derive power from his knowledge and expertise. The people over whom he exercises his expertise will recognize it and acknowledge him as a manager/leader in that area.

Rewards: Power also arises from the fact that the manager can withhold or grant certain rewards e.g. pay increases and promotion. The greater and more important the reward, the more power a manager has.

Coercion: This involves using physical force to influence subordinates. Even though it has an unlikely source of managerial power, it may be used in cases of industrial action. A lot of coercion is found in the military.

N/B Most managers use several sources of power at the same time.

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