In the context of the Companies Act (Cap. 486), state the rights of an auditor

i) Right to access books of account and vouchers of the business at all times.
ii) Right to call for information and explanation which he/she considers necessary for purpose of forming an opinion.
iii) Right to attend the AGM regardless of whether accounts are a subject of discussion or not.
iv) Right to make a presentation at the AGM if:
• They were received too late for the company to send them to each shareholder to whom notice of the AGM was sent.
• A wrong impression was given to share holders by the Board of Directors about him.
• There is any material he wishes to add to his report, which came to his knowledge after the report had been dispatched but before the AGM. This does not include the right to make up for negligence earlier made in his report.
v) Right to indemnity
vi) Right to visit branches
vii) Right to information and explanation relating to activities of branches as far as they affect the company affairs.
viii) Right to remuneration
ix) Right to lien-hold on to his report until his fees are paid.
x) Right to legal and technical advice.

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