It is essential that new employees go through a period of orientation and training before formally settling in their positions.What benefits can a company derive from a well-planned employee induction and training program?

There are a number of key benefits likely to result from a well-planned induction and training program, viz:

i) Orientation and induction provide new employees with general information that they need about the organization-about policies, procedures, practices, and rules that will affect them, and also about the jobs on which they will work. All this information should be communicated in a way that can help them to feel at home in their new work environment as quickly as possible.
ii) New employees are instructed in the requirements of specific jobs they are to perform, as outlined in an accurate and comprehensive job description. In this way they can rapidly learn to measure up to standards for performance, thus increasing their value to the organization and satisfying their human needs for personal growth on the job.
iii) An advantageous by-product of training is that accidents, spoiled work, and damage to machinery and equipment can be kept to a minimum by well-trained employees, who are also motivated to do good work.
iv) Dissatisfactions, complaints, absenteeism, and turnover can be greatly reduced when employees are so well trained that they can experience the direct satisfactions associated with a sense of achievement and the knowledge that they are developing their inherent capabilities at work.
v) As employees respond to continued training, they can progressively increase their value to the organization and thus prepare themselves for promotion.
vi) Continued training can help employees to develop their ability to learn-adapting themselves to new work methods, learning to use new kinds of equipment, and adjusting to major changes in job content and work relationships. In the years ahead, when technological advances will doubtless continue to change many work situations rapidly, versatility and adaptability may well be the most important advantages that can be derived from training. Training constitutes an investment in human resources.

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