KNEC Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering Past Papers

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Past Examination papers for KNEC Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering


Get free access to KNEC Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering Past Papers. These question Papers are for the previous years and have been uploaded as a PDF file to help those candidates revising for their final exams. They can also be used by other students pursuing related certificate and Diploma courses. Click on the subject title to open and view for free


Module I

Aircraft Electrical Technology

Aircraft Piston Engines

Airframes Structures, Airfield Safety and Procedures

Engineering Drawing

Engineering Mathematics I & Engineering Science I

Entrepreneurship & Communication Technology


Module II

Aircraft Instruments & Measurement Systems

Aircraft Mechanical Technology I

Aircraft Propeller Systems

Airfield Safety & Procedures II & Research Methods

Airframes Systems

Communication and Telecommunications System

Electric Circuit Analysis

Electronics & Control Systems

Engineering Mathematics II

Measurement Technology


Module III

Aircraft Communication, Surveillance and Navigation Systems

Aircraft Mechanical Technology II

Airframe Systems II and Airfield Safety III

Automatic Pilot System and Airfield Safety and Procedures III

Data and Computer Networks

Engineering Mathematics III

Flight Mechanics

Gas Turbine Engine

Industrial Organisation and Management




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