Diplomas notes

KNEC Diploma courses study notes

  1. Diploma in Accountancy
  2. Diploma in Automotive Engineering
  3. Diploma in Banking Finance
  4. Diploma in Business Management
  5. Diploma in Co-operative Management
  6. Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  7. Diploma in Entrepreneurship Development
  8. Diploma in Human Resource Management
  9. Diploma in Information Communication Technology (DICT)
  10. Diploma in Information Studies
  11. Diploma in Marketing
  12. Diploma in Personnel Management
  13. Diploma in Project Management
  14. Diploma in Sales and Marketing
  15. Diploma in Secretarial Duties-
  16. Diploma in Secretarial Studies
  17. Diploma in Social Work and Community Development
  18. Diploma in Supplies Management
  19. Diploma in Supply Chain Management

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100 Replies to “Diplomas notes”

    1. Please send me notes of science and technology in diploma of primary teacher education


  2. Hallo kindly assist me notes for Entrepreneurship unit under Community Social Work module I

    1. Kindly help me with module 1 notes in diploma social works and community development ..

    1. Kindly help me with module 1 notes in diploma social works and community development ..

  3. Kindly help with past papers diploma in supply chain management module 2 and 3, from 2015 plz

    1. kindly send notes on labour and Industrial relation on Diploma ni Personnel management

    1. tomena wilberforce kindly send me diploma 111 in social work and community development notes says:

      send me diploma 3 in social work and community development notes

  4. i kindly request notes of diploma and certificate in sales and marketing and diploma and certificate in project management for all the modules

    1. Need past knec question papers for diploma in electrical and electronic engineering- module one please

  5. I’m looking past knec question papers and answers for diploma in General Agriculture

  6. kindly send me notes and past papers for the following courses
    diploma and certificate in general agriculture
    diploma in applied biology
    diploma in entrepreneurial agriculture
    certificate in laboratory science and technology

  7. Please help,,,I request revision questions for diploma in banking and finance ,kneck units.kindly help me get them.

    1. i kindly request diploma and certificate notes of sales and marketing and project management

    1. Diploma in HRM KNEC notes are being developed and we will activate the download links once ready

  8. Kindly I’m looking for Knec revision papers for Commerce II,Communication skills II,Secretarial duties II and Office producer II in stage II of secretarial course. kindly let me know how I can get them. Thanks

    1. We are still uploading Past papers.check after one week in the respective knec course and subject

        1. Please assist me with Notes in control theory management in Food and beverage Diploma module2

  9. Kindly I’m looking for Knec revision papers for principles of accounts and principles and practise of management for diploma in food and beverage management, kindly let me know how i can get them. Thanks

  10. In need of
    Module 1
    1. Communication Skills
    2. Life Skills
    3. Information and Communication Technology
    4. Entrepreneurship
    5. Financial Accounting
    6. Economics
    7. Business Law
    Module II
    1. Cost Accounting
    2. Principles and Practices and Management
    3. Supply and Transport Management
    4. Quantitative Techniques
    5. Commercial and Administrative Law
    6. Office Administration and Management
    7. Marketing Management
    8. Business Plan
    Module III
    1. Managerial Accounting
    2. Organization Theory and Behaviour
    3. Human Resource Management
    4. Financial Management
    5. Labor and Industrial Relations
    6. Research Methods
    7. Trade Project

  11. Am looking for softcopies of the following KNEC diploma courses notes
    1-Diploma in Business Management Module 1
    2-Diploma in Business Management Module 2
    3-Diploma in Business Management Module 3
    4-Diploma in Sales and Marketing Module 1
    5-Diploma in Sales and Marketing Module 2
    6-Diploma in Sales and Marketing Module 3
    7-Diploma in Banking and Finance Module 1
    8-Diploma in Banking and Finance Module 2
    9-Diploma in Banking and Finance Module 3
    10-Diploma in Cooperative management Module 1
    11-Diploma in Cooperative management Module 2
    12-Diploma in Cooperative management Module 3
    13-Diploma in Human Resource Management Module 1
    14-Diploma in Human Resource Management Module 2
    15-Diploma in Human Resource Management Module 3

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