Need for delegated legislation

Justify need for delegated legislation

Need for delegated legislation

  • Compensation of last parliamentary time: Since members of parliament are not always in the National Assembly making Laws, the Law-making time lost is made good by the delegates to whom legislative power has been given hence no Lawmaking time is lost.
  • Speed: Law-making by government Ministers, Professional bodies and other organs is faster and therefore responsible to urgent needs.
  • Flexibility: The procedure of Law-making by delegates e.g. Government Ministers is not tied to rigid provisions of the Constitution or other law. The Minister enjoys the requisite flexibility in the Law-making process. He is free to consult other persons.
  • Technicality of subject matter: Since parliament is not composed of experts in all fields that demand legislation, it is desirable if not inevitable to delegate Law making powers to experts in the respective fields e.g. Government Ministries and local authorities.

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