Outline and briefly explain the procedures that the internal auditor can conduct on behalf of the external auditor

• The internal auditor can pinpoint to the external auditor the weak points in the systems of internal controls, thus enabling him to focus his attention only on critical areas rather than on the whole system hence save on time.
• The internal auditor can prepare internal audit working papers, review the accounting system, programs etc. on behalf of the external auditor hence when the latter comes, he need not write notes afresh.
• The internal; auditor can undertake the physical verification and inspection of fixed assets on behalf of the external auditor who will only come to crosscheck existing assets against recorded values.
• The internal auditor may be used to perform the following on behalf of the external auditor;
1. Stock taking exercise
2. Cash counts
3. Branch visits
4. Follow-up confirmation of debtors, creditors, bank balances e.t.c.

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