Outline the activities that are included in a public relations programme of an organization

b) Outline the activities that are included in a public relations programme of an organisation

Media relations
Our media relations staff know how to manage information through the various communications channels (newspaper, consumer and trade magazine, newsletter, television, cable, radio or internet) that act as gatekeepers for key publics. Utilising a set of professional interviewing, writing and proactive marketing skills, we can skillfully identify and develop ongoing relationships with key media on your behalf.

Marketing communications
Public relations is an important component of the marketing mix. Power/Warner has the expertise to develop strategic publicity programs that support your new product launch or existing products and services. Our skilled publicity practitioners know how to create and sustain ongoing media interest in your brands.

Media Tour
Power/Warner can develop an itinerary or cities or markets in which a spokesperson needs to visit. It is customary for a spokesperson to tour major localities in which a product or service is to be heavily publicized. We can book the media tour, schedule transportation and accompany the interviewee.

Media Training
We can provide professional counselling and rehearsal to prepare your organisation’s spokesperson for interviews on television or radio.

Corporate Communications
The relationship between your organisation and your most important constituents – employees, local municipalities and investors – is often critical to your organisation’s success. Our practitioners understand the power of corporate branding. We work closely with our clients to help them build and manage critical relationships with key internal and external audiences.

Employee Relations
Our public relations practitioners provide guidance and support for corporate communicators who need to inform, influence and reinforce positive relationships with their employees.

Philanthropy and Community Affairs/Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Activities
Whether you are moving into a new location, seeking more recognition or building your status as a good corporate citizen, it’s important to have a well-developed plan. Power/Warnter will help you to clarify your thinking about social responsibility and

ethics; design and implement gift-giving programs, and manage community issues that impact the company.

Change Management
In any organisation, sudden or predictable changes occur. Often, these changes are painful for employees and burdensome for management. It’s important for an organisation to develop strategic communication strategies before changes occur. Power/Warner provides professional counsel to help you manage change.

Communications Audit
Sometimes an organisation needs to gauge public opinion concerning its image or reputation. A communications audit is a useful tool to gain an accurage view of an organisation, its policies or its products.

Investor Relations
We provide strategic counsel and execute turn-key public relations programs to assist public companies to communicate regularly with current and potential shareholders as well as business publics. Financial relations activities include annual and quarterly reports, meetings with financial analysts and publicity in business media.

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