Principles and Practice of Selling July 2011 Past Paper – KNEC Certificate

July 2011
Time: 3 hours






  • Write your name and index number in the spaces provided at the top of this page.
  • Sign and write the date of the examination in the spaces provided above.
  • This paper consists of TWO sections; A and B.
  • Answer ALL the questions in section A.
  • Answer any FOUR questions in section B in the answer booklet provided.
  • This paper consists of 4 printed pages.
  • Candidates should check the Question paper to ascertain that all the pages are printed as indicated and that no questions are missing.


Answer ALL the questions in this section in the spaces provided.

1. List four functions of a sales office in an organization. (4 marks)
2. State four benefits that retailers would derive from displaying their products appropriately. (4 marks)
3. State three reasons why a firm’s sales section should ideally be part of the marketing department in an organization. (3 marks)
4. State four circumstances under which a customer may raise issues with the conduct of a sales person during a sales presentation. (4 marks)
5. Identify three types of salespersons. (3 marks)
6. List three types of a salesman’s behaviour that a customer may consider as unethical. (3 marks)
7. State three methods that a firm would use to manage its major accounts. (3 marks)
8. State two disadvantages to a firm that uses personal selling as its major method of promoting sales. (2 marks)
9. List two advantages to a salesperson who uses the telephone to contact customers. (2 marks)
10. Identify four tools of sales promotion that are commonly used in selling fast moving consumer goods. (4 marks)



Answer any FOUR questions from this section in the answer booklet provided.

11. a)There are certain skills that a salesperson should possess in order to be successful in the performance of his duties.
Highlight such skills. (9 marks)
b) “A sale is not a sale unless it is paid for”. Describe four ways in which a customer would effect payment for an item bought from a salesperson. (8 marks)

12. a)  Most companies use computers to serve major accounts.
Explain the benefits which may accrue to a company from using the computers. (9 marks)
b) Explain the challenges that a salesperson may face from using cold canvassing as a method of prospecting. (8 marks)

13. a) Mr. Mwendwa, a salesperson is in the process of negotiating with a customer on the sale of a high value office equipment.
Highlight the aspects that should be covered during the negotiations. (9 marks)
b)The sales manager of Mapito company limited has been directed by the management to recruit new salespeople.
Highlight the personal characteristics that the manager should look for when recruiting the new salespeople. (8 marks)

14. a) The management of Bissau Supermarket Ltd has decided to use window displays to advertise their products.
Explain the measures that the management should take to ensure that the display are effective. (9 marks)
b)Masafa Marefu Company limited is a mobile telephone service provider.
Explain the ways in which the service provider would reduce services intangibility. (8 marks)

15. a)One of the challenges that travelling salespeople face is insecurity.
Explain the measures that a salesperson should take to enhance her safety while travelling. (9 marks)
b)Salespeople need to prepare themselves adequately before making a sales presentation.
Highlight the preparations that a salesperson should make. (8 marks)

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