Recreation Guiding – November 2019 Past Paper KNEC Diploma

KNEC Diploma Past Question Papers

This Past Paper examination was examined by the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) and it applies to the following courses

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3 hours

1. (a) Explain five challenges that a country may face in building a stadium. (10 marks)

(b) Describe five water-based outdoor recreational activities that are undertaken in Kenya. (10 marks)

2. (a) Explain five benefits that an individual can accrue from regularly undertaking exercises at a gymnasium. (10 marks)

b) Describe five types of skills that a recreation guide should possess in order to perform his duties effectively. (10 marks)

3. (a) Describe five characteristics that are associated with recreation. (10 marks)

(b) Explain the functions of Sports Kenya in the promotion of recreational activities in the country. (10 marks)

4. (a) Describe five qualities that a recreational therapist should possess in order to perform his duties effectively. (10 marks)

(b) Explain five factors that may lower the attractiveness of a stadium to potential users. (10 marks)

5. (a) Explain five qualifications that an individual requires to work as a recreation guide in Kenya. (10 marks)

(b) Explain five advantages that may be derived from establishing an Arboretum in a destination. (10 marks)

6. (a) Explain five challenges that are likely to be encountered at a recreation park when hosting a big event. (10 marks)

(b) Describe five technological security measures that can be put in place in an indoor arena. (10 marks)

7. (a) Explain five contributions of the Bomas of Kenya recreational facility to the Kenyan economy. (10 marks)

(b) Explain five reasons that make individuals to engage in indoor recreational activities. (10 marks)

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