Restmount Kenya Ltd. was formed on 1 October 1997 in order to export tea and coffee to European markets. The Directors are unsure as to their responsibilities and the nature of their relationship with the external auditors. The audit partner has asked you to visit the client and explain to the directors, the fundamental aspects of the accountability of the directors and their relationship with the auditor.Required:Explain to the directors of Restmount Kenya Ltd: – Auditors‘statutory responsibilities in relation to the audit of the company‘s financial statements

Duties/responsibilities of the auditor

  •  To report to the shareholders on whether the financial statements of the company (or group of companies) show a true ad fair view or present fairly and have been properly prepared in accordance with the requirements of the companies Act i.e. the profit and loss account and the balance sheet show a true and fair view.
  •  To consider whether the information on the directors report is consistent with the financial statements and if not, to state the fact in his report.
  •  To report whether proper accounting records have been kept by the company
  •  To report whether proper returns adequate for their audit have been received by branches not visited by them
  •  To report whether the company‘s balance sheet and its profit and loss account are in agreement with the acting records
  •  To report whether he has received such information and explanations s he thinks necessary for the performance of his duties.

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