Rights of an agent in relation to law of agency

Explain live rights of an agent

Rights of an agent in relation to law of agency

  • Right to sue: if the principal fails to remunerate or indemnify the agent, the agent has an action on damages for breach of contract.
  • Right of lien: an agent in possession of the principal’s goods is entitled to retain for any obligation owed by the principal. However for an agent to exercise a lien i.e. he must have a lawful possession of goods, obtained possession in his capacity as an agent etc.
  • Right of stoppage in transfer: an agent who has parted with possession of goods is entitled to resume the same if the goods the goods are still in the course of transit to the principal, thereby enabling to exercise a lien on them.
  • Withhold the passing of property: where property in the goods are not passed to the principal, the agent the agent is entitled to withhold the passage to compel the principal to honor any obligation owing

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