Rules which governs the transfer of property to goods

In relation to the law governing sale of goods, describe five rules winch govern transfer of property in goods

Rules which governs the transfer of property to goods;-

  • Sale of unascertained goods: Property passes to the buyer when the goods are ascertained. These goods include:
    • Goods to be manufactured by the seller
    • Crops to be grown by the seller
    • Purely generic goods
    • An unidentified portion of a special bulk or whole
  • Sale by auction: Property passes when the auctioneer announces its completion by the fall of the hammer or in any other customary manner.
  • Unconditional sale of specific goods in a deliverable state – property passes when the contract is concluded.
  • Sale of specific goods not in a deliverable state – Where specific goods are to be weighed, measured and tasted or that other thing is to be done for the purpose of determining the price, property passes when the thing is done and the buyer is notified.
  • Sale by approval or on sale or return or on such other term, property in them passes to the buyer.

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