Section 28 of the Accountants Act (Cap 531) identifies acts and omissions, which constitute professional misconduct by a certified public accountant. Enumerate the salient commissions and omissions which constitutes professional misconduct?

A member of the institute is guilty of professional misconduct if he:

  • Allows any person to practice in his name of an accountant unless such person is a holder of a practicing certificate or is in partnership with or is employed by him.
  • Enters for the purpose of or in the course of practicing as an accountant into partnership with a person who does not hold a practicing certificate or secures any professional business through the services of such a person or by means not open to an accountant.
  • Certify‟s or submit in his name or in the name of his firm a report of an examination of financial statements and examination of such statement and the related records have not been made by him or a partner or an employee in his firm.
  • Permits his name or the name of his firm to be used in connection with an estimate of earning contingent upon future transactions in a manner which may lead to the belief that he vouches for the accuracy of the forecast.
  • Included in any statement returns of forms to be submitted to the council any particular knowing it to be false.
  • Guilty of gross negligence.
  • Solicits or touts for work.
  • Advertises professional and or academic achievements.

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