Take four of the factors and write a short paragraph on each

Four of the above factors discussed
i. Leadership-Every group needs adequate leadership. An effective leader can meet the team needs of the group(e.g. fair treatment, adequate resourcing, development of team spirit, etc).He or she can also meet the needs of individuals(e.g. counselling, practical assistance, etc) and of the task(e.g. allocating work, arranging resources, scheduling events, etc).Ideally an effective leader will have a dominant style which suits the team for most of the time, but which can be adapted to meet contingencies arising from outside task pressures or from within the group(i.e. conflict).Conflict is not a bad thing in itself but it does require careful handling by the leader to prevent the team from disintegrating.
ii. Stage of Development-The effectiveness of a team, i.e. its ability to fulfil its tasks competently and with satisfaction, depends considerably on the relative state of development of the group who make up the team. A newly formed team will spend a good deal of their time finding out what is expected of them, what the rules are, and where they can obtain information and resources. In other words, they will be inward looking during this formative stage. As the team begins to settle down, the first conflicts and doubts tend to appear. Here again a good deal

of the team’s energy will be taken up resolving these internal issues. As internal conflicts and doubts are settled, the team will find new levels of cooperation and standards of operation. At this stage, team spirit will be very high, and the group will be outward looking. As success with the task is experienced, and individual collaboration is achieved in practice, the team will be performing at about its optimum level.

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