The auditor‘s operational standard states, ―The auditor should obtain relevant and reliable audit evidence sufficient to enable him to draw reasonable conclusions thereon‖. Required: What factors would influence the auditor to accept third party certificates as audit evidence?

Factors that would influence the auditors to accept third party certificates as audit evidence include:

1. Whether the third party be reliably determined to be knowledgeable in the mater for which he is providing the certificate.
2. The integrity of the source for the certificate – can the source be said to be honest or independent of the client.
3. The relationship of the source with the client. For instance, a certificate from a related party may not be as reliable as certificate issued on arm‘s length transaction by an independent party.
4. Previous experience with the third party. If the certificates given by the third party previously have proved unreliable, chances are that the certificate would be unreliable

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