The purpose/importance of law

Describe four purposes of law?

The purpose/importance of law are;-

  • It promotes peaceful co-existence maintenance of law and order/prevents anarchy.
  • It protects the right s and enforces duties by providing remedies whenever these rights or duties are not honored.
  • It is a standard setting and control mechanism: law sets standards of behavior and conduct in various areas such as manufacturing, construction, trade. The law also acts as a control mechanism of the same behavior.
  • It resolves social conflicts, since conflicts are inevitable; the rule of law facilitates their resolution by recognizing the conflicts and providing the necessary resolution mechanism.
  • Facilitating and effectuating private choice. It enables persons to make choices and gives them legal effect. This is best exemplified by the law of contracts marriage and succession.
  • It controls and structures public power. Rules of law govern various organs of the government and confer upon them the process of exercisable by them. This promotes good governance, accountability and transparency. It facilitates justice in the society

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