Types of trespass on persons and trespass on goods

The tort of trespass might be committed on persons, land or goods. With reference to the above statement, describe three types of trespass on persons and two types of trespass on goods

Types of trespass on persons:

  • Assault – The conduct or.ibrcstto.do.violence.to another in circumstances giving rise to the apprehension that the person is in real danger. This occurs when a person intentionally threatens to use force against another .person without lawful justification hence putting the person in fear.
  • Battery – Actual unwarranted striking or hitting of another person mere touching in a rude manner.
  • False imprisonment – This is the total’ restraint of the liberty of a person without lawful excuse/legal explanation.

Types of trespass on goods:

  • Trespass on chattels or goods – This tort consists of interference with goods which arc ill tile actual or constructive possession of the plaintiff.
  • Detinue – This is the wrongful withholding of goods of another.
  • Conversion A person entitled to possession of goods can maintain an action for conversion against anyone acting inconsistently with the right of his ownership.

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