Understanding motivation theory is an important part of managing people. Required; Discuss the limitations of Maslow’s theory to managing people

Although this theory has an intuitive obviousness in the way in which it describes human needs, it has many limitations.
o individuals have different needs and not necessarily in the same order
o it is simplistic in its approach; more modern theories of motivation recognise that the need for personal self fulfilment is extremely complex.
o many individuals may seek to satisfy several needs at the same time
o the same need can cause different reactions in different people
o not all these needs are, or can be, satisfied through work ñ this is a major criticism of the idea
o individuals are unlikely to seek or to reach the ultimate; many settle for less
o taken literally, they can mislead management in its desire to motivate staff
o job satisfaction does not equal improved work performance
o what an individual seeks depends upon what he or she already has
o ignores the dynamics of working with others in the workplace and therefore the modern concepts of teams
The theory does not recognise the demands of the organisational situation. Many organisations, as a consequence of their product, service, culture, structure, technology or environment, do not necessarily provide a suitable environment for self actualization.

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