What is the importance of stare decisis in the doctrine of precedent

• Certainty and predictability:stare decisis enhances certainty in law and predictability in the legal system. In Dodhia case New bold observed that a system of law required a considerable degree of certainty.
• Consistency and uniformity:stare decisis promotes consistency in decision making. This is because similar cases are decided alike. This enhances or promotes uniformity in the administration of justice.
• Rich in detail: many decision have been made. Case law is one of the richest areas of law.
• Flexibility: it is contented that when judges in subsequent cases attempt to distinguish earlier decisions of other judges, this introduces some flexibility into the legal system.
• Aptitude to growth: it is argued that case law grows with time in that superior courts are free to depart from previous decisions if circumstances justify.
• Convenience: Judges in subsequent cases apply the law as formulated in previous decisions,thus case law is convenient in application in that judges are not obliged to formulate principles all the time.
• Practical: propositions of law are formulated on the basis of prevailing circumstance. It is a practical approach to resolution of legal problems.

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