With reference to the law of persons: Distinguish between domicile of origin and domicile of choice and Specify the conditions that an alien must satisfy before being granted citizenship in your country

Domicil of Origin Domicil of Choice
·    This is the domicil which a person acquires at birth.


·    Under Kenyan law a person acquires a domicil or origin as a matter of course. For example.

·    A person born legitimate acquirers the domicil of the father.


·    A person born illegitimate acquires the domicial of the mother.

·    An infant legitimated by the marriage of its parents the domicil of the father.


·    A person born posthumously acquires

the domicil of the father as at the date of death.

·    An adopted infant acquires the dominal of the adaptor.

·    Domicil of origin cannot be lost. It can only be suspended when a domicial of

choice is acquired.

·    This is the domicil which a person acquires by choosing which country to make his permanent home or residence.

·    Only a person who has attained the age of majority and has the requisite capacity can acquire a domicil of choice.

·    The person must:

o   Take up actual residence in the country of choice.

o   Have an intention of making the country his permanent house.

·    Once a person acquires this domicil, the domical of origin is held in abeyance but is reverted to if the domicil of choice is lost.

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