Write brief notes on: Judicial service commission

Establishment: it is established by section 68 (1) of the Constitution.

• Chief justice.
• Attorney General
• Two persons who are for the time being judges of the High court and Court of Appeal appointed by the president.
• Chairman of the public service commission.
• Registrar of the High court as secretary.
Powers of the commission
• To make rules to regulate its procedure.
• To act independently
• To delegate its functions to a judge of the High court.
• To confer powers and impose duties on public officers with consent of the president.

• To act not withstanding a vacancy in its membership but decision must be supported by the majority.

Duties or functions:
• Advisory role: it advises the president on the appointment of judges of the High Court and Court of Appeal.
• Administration: it is the principal administrative organ of the judiciary. It administers the judicial department.
• Appointment: it appoints and promotes magistrates, Kadhis, High Court Registrars and other officers in the Judiciary.
• Discipline: it is responsible for disciplining magistrates Kadhis, Registrars and other employees of the Judiciary

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