Write briefly on: Court Martial

Establishment: it is established by section 85 (1) of the Armed Forces Act as a subordinate court.
Composition: the court consists of a presiding officer who sits with not less that two other persons or not less than four others if an officer is being tried or where the maximum penalty for the offense is death. The court is assisted by a Judge/Advocate who advises on questions of procedure.
Jurisdiction: it exercises original jurisdiction in criminal cases relating to offenses committed by the members of the armed forces within its jurisdiction e.g. mutiny, disobeying lawful order or desertion.
The court had jurisdiction to impose the following sentences:
• Imprisonment
• Fine
• Dismissal from the armed forces
• Reprimand
• Reduction of rank
• Capital punishment
A decision of the court may be appealed against in the High Court. The convict may appeal against conviction or sentence or both.

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