Write briefly on: Industrial Court

Establishment: it is established under section 14 (1) of the Trade Disputes Act. It was established in 1964.

Composition: it is presided over by judge appointed by the president. The judge sits with two other persons selected by him from a four persons appointed by the minister for labour in consultation with COTU and Federation of Kenya Empoyers. At the moment there are two industrial court judges.

Jurisdiction: it exercises original jurisdiction in civil matters, namely, industrial disputes for example, employers and employees. Disputes may be referred to the court by the minister for labour or a registered trade union. Decisions of the court are known as AWARDS and are final
i.e. cannot be appealed against, stayed or reviewed.

  • An award must be published in the Kenya Gazette where upon it becomes effective.
  • The Industrial court maintains a register of all collective agreements registered with it.
  • The principal function of the industrial court in determining industrial disputes is to promote industrial harmony.
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