You are a personnel manager in an organization where performance of employees has been below the expected standards. The chief executive has assigned you the duty of identifying the causes of the poor performance and suggesting solutions to the problem. Explain the steps you would follow when carrying out the task

Steps in the identification of the causes of poor performance and the suggestions of solutions thereof
i. Consider the original reason for introducing the performance appraisal system, its suitability and feasibility.
ii. Performance review component-consider whether employees salaries across the organization link with performance.
iii. Check whether an appropriate programme to aid the individual’s career development and succession is in place. The lack of such a programme may mean inadequate skills on the part of employees to handle tasks in customer-driven styles.
It will also provide a measure of the likely employee performances in the future
iv. Consider whether the appraisal system has been constructed in a manner that is fair to both the individual and the organization and whether the scheme’s expectations were clearly communicated in advance.
v. Consider whether the measures of gauging employee performance are appropriate in light of the nature and circumstances of the organization.
vi. Consider the extent to which organizational employees are motivated and work as teams and whether departmental objectives are synchronized with those of the whole organization.
vii. Consider whether management is participative and quick in responding to employee concerns. Employee indirect enquiries may be useful here.
viii. Consider whether the results of appraisals are regularly discussed by employees and agreements struck on new expectations, action plans and improvement of the appraisee.

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