You are the audit manager in charge of Car Alarms Ltd. Whose financial year ended on 31 March 1993. Due to the tight schedule of your programmes you are unable to devote anytime at the client‘s premises. Therefore you have delegated the responsibility to the audit senior; State the procedures you would follow to control the audit up to completion stage

As the audit manager has decided to delegate his responsibilities to the audit senior, he must ensure that his senior has the appropriate experience, training, proficiency and independence required in order to be able to carry out the audit of Car Alarms Ltd efficiently and effectively.

Having decided to delegate he must ensure that the audit senior receives the direction and supervision necessary to be able to conduct the audit in the best way possible. The degree of supervision requested will depend on the complexity of the assignment and the experience and proficiency of the audit senior,

In the course of directing the audit senior, he should inform him of his responsibilities and the objectives of the procedures that he is to perform. He should also inform him of the routine of the business carried out by Car Alarms ltd and the possible accounting or auditing problems that may affect the nature, timing and extent of audit procedures with which they are involved.

When supervising the auditor he should:-

i) Monitor the progress of the work to determine that: –
i. the audit senior appears to have the necessary skill and competence carry out the audit of Car Alarms Ltd
ii. he appears to have understand the audit directions and the work is being carried out in accordance with the audit programme and other planning documents.
(iii) Become informed of significant auditing questions raised during the audit, assess their significant and modify the audit programme where appropriate.

  • In addition to the above, he should review the work performed by the audit senior to determine whether:-
    The work performed and results obtained have been adequately documented.
  •  No significant audit matters remain unresolved.
  •  The objectives of the audit procedures have been achieved and the conclusions expressed are consistent with the results of the work performed and support the audit seniors opinion on the final stages

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