Mpenda Raha traveled to London to watch the Golden Jubilee celebration of the Queen‟s ascension to the throne. Mpenda Raha hired a room in a hotel from where he would have an advantage view of the Queen‟s procession. On the appointed day, Mpenda Raha could not view the procession due to crowds which obstructed his view of the Queen‟s procession. Mpenda Rah is seeking for refund of his money which hehad paid to the hotel. Citing relevant legal principles, explain whether Mpenda Raha will be successful in getting a refund of the money paid to the hotel

• This problem is based on frustration of contract.
• In this case it is apparent that Mpenda Raha had hired a room in a hotel to enable him view the Queens procession but could not do so due to the huge crowds.
• It is obvious that Mpenda has no one else to blame but himself.
• The contract is not frustrated and he cannot seek a refund of the amount paid.
• This was a contract based on the happening of a particular event which took place as scheduled. Mpenda Rahas rights have not been violated.

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