Child Development December 2012 Past Question Paper

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December 2012
Time: 3 hours


3 hours

This paper consists of SIX questions.
Answer any FIVE questions in this spaces provided after question 6
Each question carries a total of 20 marks

1. a) Identify eight characteristics of the first two psychosexual stages of personality development according to Sigmud Freud. (8 marks)
b) Discuss three roles of a caregiver in (1a) above in the development of a positive personality in young children. (6 marks)
c) Give six reasons that makes it necessary for an Early Childhood Development and Education (ECDE) teacher to consider maturation as important aspect when handling pre–school children. (6 marks)

2. a) Distinguish between the term perinatal and postnatal in relation to child development. (2 marks)
b) Discuss five ways in which nutrition enhances learning among pre–school children. (10 marks)
c) Propose eight factors that influence a smooth transition of a child from pre – school to primary school in Kenya. (8 marks)

3. a) Define the term social competence as used in child development. (2 marks)
b) Propose eight reasons that make training an essential quality in hiring caregivers for young children. (8 marks)
c) Examine five challenges that a pre-school teacher may face when handling children during the pre-operational stage according to Jean Piaget’s theory of cognitive development. (10 marks)

4. a) Identify six advantages of using observation schedules to assess psychomotor development in young children. (6 marks)
b) Discuss five benefits of using checklists to assess cognitive development of pre – school children in an ECDE centre. (10 marks)
c) Suggest four limitation of using rating scale to assess the personality development of pre – school children. (4 marks)

5. a) Define the term peers as used in child development. (2 marks)
b) Discuss five functions of peer groups among adolescents. (10 marks)
c) Explain four factors that may influence early sexual activity in an adolescent. (8 marks)

6. a) Define the following terms used in life skills:
i) Assertiveness; (2 marks)
ii) Aggressiveness (2 marks)
b) Identify the process of decision making as a life skill in adolescents. (6 marks)
c) Discuss five factors that may contribute to poor feeding habits among adolescents. (10 marks)

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