In relation to partnership law: discuss; Registration of a limited partnership

Under the provisions of the Limited Partnership Act a limited partnership must be registered with the registrar of companies. To facilitate registration, a memorandum containing the following particulars must be delivered to the registrar:
o Name of the firm
o General nature of the business
o Principal place of business
o Full name of each partner
o The term, if any, for which the partnership is entered into at the date of its commencement.
o A statement that the partnership is limited and a description of every limited partner.
o The sum contributed by each limited partner and whether paid in cash or otherwise.
If during the subsistence of a limited partnership any change occurs in the afore mentioned particulars, a statement to that effect must be delivered to the registrar within 7 days of the change.
If a limited partnership is not registered, it is deemed to be a general partnership.

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