Fleet Management – November 2019 Past Paper KNEC Diploma

Fleet Management – November 2019 Past Examination Question Paper – KNEC

This Past Paper examination was examined by the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) and it applies to the following courses:

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November 2019
Time: 3 hours

1. (a) Many freight firms have put in place measures to ensure efficient management of their fleet of transport motor vehicles. Outline five reasons that may have influenced the firms to take such measures. (10 marks)

(b) Komba transporters has hired a consultant to design an organization system for its fleet of motor vehicles. Explain five factors that the consultant should consider when undertaking this task. (10 marks)

2. (a) As a fleet manager, you have been asked to prepare a vehicle routing plan for the fleet of motor vehicles in the organization. Highlight five factors that may limit your effectiveness in preparing the plan. (10 marks)

(b) Some road transport companies acquire their fleet of motor vehicles using long term financing arrangement with financial institutions. Explain five advantages of using such financing arrangement. (1 0 marks)

3. (a) Explain six principles that a freight firm should observe when developing a system to control its fleet of motor vehicles. (10 marks)

(b) Mr. Zombi, a long distance truck driver intends to carry out pre-operational checks on his truck before setting off for a journey. Outline four aspects of the truck engine he should cover when carrying out the exercise. (10 marks)

4. (a) Trucks involved in haulage of goods are more often prone to security risks along the way. Explain five factors that may account for this situation. (10 marks)

(b) Many road transport companies prefer disposing off their fleet of motor vehicles by auctioning. Highlight five advantages of using this method. (10 marks)

5. (a) Old, a newly hired fleet supervisor is preparing a fleet maintenance programme for the company vehicles. Explain five factors that he should consider when undertaking this task. (10 marks)

(b) Explain five reasons that have influenced the management of some road transport companies to adopt the automated motor vehicle tracking system in their operations. (10 marks)

6. (a) As a fleet officer in a large transport company, explain five measures you may take in order to recover the costs arising in fleet management operations. (10 marks)

(b) Outline five aspects of the ways that may attract transport operators to patronize a particular road in the country. (10 marks)

7. (a) A certain freight firm has partially centralized fleet management function in its operations. Highlight five benefits that the firm may derive from taking this approach. (10 marks)

(b) Explain five factors that a road transport company may consider in determining the type of motor vehicles to have in its fleet. (10 marks)

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